10 Brands Changing the CX Game

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Nowadays, providing a positive customer experience is expected. We understand that competing for products, services, and price is extremely difficult these days. Therefore, the best-performing businesses stepped up their game by focusing more on their customers and the things that are most important to them. Consider this: customer experience is positively related to how people perceive the product or service you’re providing. 

A bad customer experience, on the other hand, is extremely costly for any business. More than half of Americans have abandoned a planned purchase due to poor customer service. After only one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with a company again. 

10 companies that have great customer experiences 

In the following lines, we are going to cover these aspects in their entirety and learn more about them.


Uber is one of the best-case studies because it demonstrates exactly what you need to do to provide an exceptional customer experience. Its employees identified and eliminated all of the pain points that people experienced when hailing a cab. No more agonizing anticipation while waiting for your cab because you always know where your ride is and how long it will take to arrive. 


Netflix is another example of a company that is disrupting an entire industry by providing an exceptional customer experience. They increased their paid memberships from 21.5 million in 2011 to over 158 million in 2019. If you include non-paying guests of those with premium accounts, the number of people using their streaming service grows significantly. 

The Ritz-Carlton 

Moving on to more “tangible” experiences, it’s worth noting how far the Ritz-Carlton staff will go for their customers’ well-being. This hotel chain is well known for its exceptionally high standards of excellent customer service. The Ritz-Carlton, according to its website, is a place where the genuine care and comfort of our guest’s areas our highest mission. They promise to provide the best personal service and facilities for our guests, who will always enjoy a welcoming, relaxed, yet refined atmosphere with their emphasis on the personal aspect. 


What about the mysterious “People Officer” from JetBlue? Airline companies are notorious for their bad services. Yet this is an inspiring story of a real people person. He can be seen handing out water and donuts to people waiting in line at the check-in counter, along with the other crew members. Then they went on to host trivia games during the flight and gave away free tickets to any of their 60 Blue Cities to the winners.  


Buffer is a social media management application for marketing teams and businesses. However, they do not want to limit themselves to providing an especially useful tool to those in need. They also want to be known for their customer-centric approach. Therefore, their customer service team is also known as the “Happiness Team.”  


Hubspot is a software company that provides sales, service, and inbound marketing software. Its customer service team understands how difficult it is to persuade people to choose you over anyone else in the industry. What is their solution? Providing useful industry reports and information to potential customers and other interested parties. They use content marketing to keep visitors on their website if possible, and they always try to answer the most frequently asked questions in their field. 


FedEx is the second most trusted B2B company in the United States. Through their service, they take pride in connecting people and opportunities. This cannot happen without open and efficient communication. They recently switched from multiple emails from various departments to a single customer-focused newsletter. They did so for a variety of reasons, one of which was the need for more precise and instantaneous information. 


It’s time to call in the big guns. Amazon is widely regarded as one of the most customer-focused corporations in history. It began as an online bookstore to improve the discovery process by providing a personalized experience. It is now one of the world’s largest online retailers, and this transformation would not have been possible without a genuine focus on customers’ interests and behavior. The more the company’s portfolio grew, the more integrated the business model had to become. Its founder and engineers achieved customer success by removing friction from the online purchasing process while providing exceptional value in pricing and item selection. 

Le Bon Marché 

With the rise of online shopping, department stores are under threat throughout Europe. The best way to combat this tendency is to reinvent the way these stores operate, which has a lot to do with experiential retail. According to Patrice Wagner, chairman, and CEO of Le Bon Marché Group, “you have to give customers another reason to come to the store other than shopping, such as an exhibition or collaboration.” 


IBM began as a company that designed and manufactured personal computers. Nowadays, it does far more than that. IBM provides cloud services, AI tools, business analytics, data management software, and other services. It also publishes the prestigious, award-winning quarterly publication Industrious, both in print and digitally. IBM includes the best content from the IBM Industries blog as well as insights from industry experts. The best part is that it is freely available online at a time when most people are still attempting to monetize their valuable content. Furthermore, they provide video trailers of each issue’s content, which is especially useful for those who prefer formats other than the written one. 


What exactly is a fantastic customer experience? Here is a quick rundown.

  • Great customer experiences are created by solving for customers and designing online and offline experiences to meet their specific needs
  • Understanding why people feel the way they do your company is critical for defining and refining your strategy. It enables you to provide a better customer experience and leave a more impression on them
  • Convenience, unrivaled customer service, and prompt delivery are all important pieces of the puzzle, but they are insufficient on their own
  • To delight more customers, flawless communication and an omnichannel approach are required, regardless of their preferred channel or customer journey
  • Finally, giving people exactly what they want at exactly the right time

Customers may change, but they must remain a company’s top priority for it to remain profitable. Businesses must accommodate these transformations faster than ever before as their priorities shift and newer trends and smarter technologies emerge. Positive customer service experiences are no longer sufficient: to remain competitive, you must be innovative, as the case studies above demonstrate. 

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