6 Best HR Podcasts for HR Professionals in 2024

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With the growing popularity of podcasts, it is no surprise that the number of people listening to one is projected to reach an estimated number of 504.9 million by 2024. Seems like there is no end to learning new stuff and upskilling through any medium. This applies to HR professionals too. If you want some quick tips and tricks for your profession, HR podcasts are a great choice. Amid hundreds of HR podcasts already on the Internet, if you’re unsure of what’s best and useful for you, don’t worry.

Here are the 6 best HR podcasts of 2024, curated just for you. Are you ready to check them out? Let’s take a look without further ado.

6 Amazing HR Podcasts You Will Love

Here is a list of 6 amazing HR podcasts that will give great insights and information about the HR landscape.

21st Century HR

Love listening to people who’ve been there and done that? 21st Century HR is what you need. Lars Schmidt, the founder of Amplify, brings you this exclusive HR podcast which features intuitive stuff from CEOs, HR thought leaders, and progressive founders. In their recent episodes, Schmidt and his guests have shared insights on COVID-19 and supporting Black employees as well. True to its name, this is one of the top HR podcasts 2021 you must subscribe to.

HR Happy Hour

What more do you need to entice you to subscribe to this trailblazer of a podcast? Did you know it is also one of the most loved HR podcasts? Trish McFarlane and Steve Boese run the HR Happy Hour podcast covering thought-provoking and informative content on recruiting, management, learning and development, HR technology, payroll, and more.

They also frequently invite some of the brightest minds in HR technology who share the hottest updates in this sphere. Sign up right away and thank us later.


RecruitingLive is the latest addition to one of the most popular sites on talent acquisition – Recruiting Daily. RecrutingLive covers every HR topic under the sky. All the episodes offer you a deep insight into the role HR teams can play to maximize the branding efforts of their company. Is that something that excites you? Subscribe to it now.

HR Heroes

HR Heroes one of the top HR podcasts for 2024 is unique in this list. Why? Because it talks about the heroes that several small businesses recognize as key to their business success. This HR podcast covers several topics such as the culture of a company, productivity, and even the future of work. Join the league now to enjoy the best stories.

HR Leaders Podcast

If listening to top HR professionals can help in your personal and professional growth, the HR Leaders Podcast is what you need. Get a glimpse of the journey, experiences, lessons learned, and insights from several senior HR thought leaders and executives. Get answers to questions such as why is the future of work changing, how will it be, how are leaders and businesses acknowledging it, and much more.

HR Social Hour Half Hour

HR Social Hour Half Hour is the brainchild of veteran HR professionals Wendy Daily and Jon Thurmond. It is also one of the most-listened HR podcasts. You can listen to several top guns, including the CEO, professional writers, HR thought leaders, professors, and others who can offer you knowledge on the latest HR tech innovations to manage workplace challenges lucidly.

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